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The mission of the Solano County Library Foundation is to support the programs of the Solano County Library and the literacy and lifelong learning needs of the community it serves. Since its establishment in December 1994, the Foundation has raised more than $3 million.

Those who have benefited, just to name a few, include:

• Children 5 years old and younger who receive their first book from the Foundation during a visit to the family doctor;
• School-age children who attend Kids Read Program events and listen to an author inspire them to read and write well;
• Elementary and middle-school students who receive live, online homework help from qualified experts;
• Adults whose literacy skills are improved to enable them to compete in the workforce and expand their opportunities; and
• Books lovers and avid readers who use our libraries ever day.

Our Priority Projects

Since 1998 the Foundation has funded many literacy programs. The primary focus of its efforts is Reach Out and Read, which promotes early literacy by giving new books to youngsters and offering advice to parents about the importance of reading. Our volunteers and community physicians reach out to families during visits to the family doctor.

Another is Solano County Library's Solano Kids Read Program. It has distributed books to kids and brought authors to speak at local schools since 2007.

Our third major initiative is Tutor.com, which provides free, live, online homework assistance to local school children who need help in math, science, reading and writing.

Our History of Supporting the Solano County Library

In 1994, the economic situation for public libraries all over the State looked bleak. Changes in state funding formulas stripped millions of dollars from local libraries. Solano County Library (SCL) revenues were down 25%, operating hours were reduced 27%, book purchases slashed by 39% and library staff resources were cut by 28%. The community was missing the most basic services - like reasonable library hours and access to materials. Something had to be done. Members of the community took action and formed the Solano County Library Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, to raise funds to offset some of these losses.

During that critical time the Solano County Library Foundation funded projects essential to the Library. We:

• Provided funding for children's books and other materials at all SCL branches

• Provided funding for new, updated computers at 4 libraries

• Purchased extensive computer software upgrades, making access to the library's collection easier

• Partnered with Anheuser-Busch to provide hardware for a local job search database

• Partnered with General Mills in Vallejo to add computer resources to the Literacy program

• Underwrote the cost of a children's mural when Rio Vista opened a new library to replace the one that burned in 1993

The Foundation's contributions to SCL were significant, but we couldn't provide the type of sustained funding the Library needed to restore lost services. County residents recognized that fact and passed Measure B, the 1/8th cent sales tax for library services, in 1998.

With the Library's funding more secure we turned our attention to other library needs that could not be funded with tax dollars.

• LEARN (Literacy in Education Access Resource Network) encompasses many of SCLF’s core programs: Tutor.com, Reach Out and Read, Solano Kids Read, and English as a Second Language (ESL). These programs help reduce student dropout rates and provide reading, literacy, and educational resources for entire families.

• TUTOR.COM provides live online homework help. SCLF’s funding provided 14,000 real-time homework assistance sessions for students.

• MEASURE L passed in June with 80% of voters agreeing that libraries and literacy are highly valued in Solano County. Under this measure, funding of our libraries is now assured for the next 16 years. We thank every voter and citizen who supported the measure.

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